About Charlotte:

I am an experienced, accredited and personable psychotherapist working face to face/online with adults and young adults in central London and from near my home in Berkshire. Finding the right therapist for you is so important, therefore I offer a free initial consultation so we can chat about what therapy may best suit your needs, and if I am the right therapist for you.

I understand that it is hard to know where to start when finding a therapist. Therefore when we first chat, we will think about what has brought you here, what you may hope to achieve from therapy, and if working together has the potential for change for the better. We will also discuss whether open ended or short term therapy might be best for you.

I believe my caring, honest and kind approach as a therapist leads to positive change within individuals. At the core of my approach is a belief that understanding our immediate/past experiences may enable us to make sense of difficult feelings or events, and spur future changes in our lives. I provide a confidential and safe space for you to talk and feel heard, and where understanding may be gained. We can explore the difficulties you may be going through, free from judgement, and think about what experiences may have shaped your life as it is today.

I offer specialist support with;



-Emotional Regulation



-Covid related worries


-Relationship difficulties/changes


-Major life changes

-Counter-productive coping strategies, (including but not limited to) self harm, disordered eating, addiction.

As a Co-Founder and director of Private Psychotherapy London, I work in private practice in both London and Berkshire. I also practice within a secondary school. As part of the professional standard I maintain regular professional development through supervision, courses and training.

For more information or to book, please visit