Case Studies


A 45-year-old gentleman came to the clinic with neck stiffness and shoulder pain, made worse by a weekend of hedge trimming. Our osteopath found very tight shoulder muscles and restricted lower neck joints. After two treatments the symptoms had greatly reduced and the problem can now be self-managed with prescribed stretches.

Remedial Massage

A painter and decorator presented at the clinic with a stiff achy low back and difficulty bending forward. Our massage therapist worked to ease his very tight muscles and this patient now comes in for a maintenance massage every few months, keeping his job-related problems under control. He was also given a stretching regime to enable him to build up his core muscles and the massage therapist recommended swimming as a good non-weight bearing exercise.


A teenage girl who is a keen runner came in with a painful foot, which was preventing her from running. The podiatrist suspected she had “Frieberg’s disease” (an overload of the 2 nd toe or metatarsal head) from examining her foot function and walking. An x-ray confirmed this, so the podiatrist prescribed stretching exercises, padding and orthoses. The padding relieved the pain immediately and the orthoses meant she was able to return to competitive running.

Cranial Osteopathy

A new mum and dad brought their six-week-old baby who had digestive problems, including constipation and an inability to relax that led to sleeping problems. After treatment the baby was much more comfortable and symptoms improved.


A 40 year old man was referred by his GP to a physiotherapist with Achilles tendonitis. The phsyio thought it might be a corn as he found some hard skin on the tendon, so referred him to our podiatrist. She took a thorough case history in which she discovered he had had splinters of glass removed from his ankle more than 10 years ago. On examination the podiatrist found a 2cm splinter of glass within the Achilles. It had recently come nearer the surface, becoming symptomatic when the patient had started running, which is why the GP thought it was Achilles tendonitis. The tendon settled completely once the podiatrist had removed the splinter.


A 29 year old patient with a very stressful lifestyle consulted our reflexologist to help with his inability to relax. Following treatment to specific areas on his feet relating to other parts of the body the patient reported feeling generally better and now enjoys relaxing treatments to maintain the improvements made.