When you are treated by a reflexologist they work on points in the feet that reflexologists believe are linked to other parts of the body.

The treatment involves specific point massage on the feet. Patients will usually notice improvement after a short course.

New reflexology treatments with Abi Williamson at The Orchard Clinic:


Please note that all treatments include 10 minutes of consultation and preparation time.

Facial Reflexology (60 Mins)

A bespoke holistic treatment tailored for each individual targeting specific symptoms and requirements for re-energising, relaxation and de-stressing. Facial reflexology is a new style reflexology treatment that utilises and combines the modern science of neurology with gentle but powerful facial massage over Oriental energy meridians, South American and Vietnamese facial body maps, acupuncture and acupressure points.

During a treatment neuro-vascular points, reflex zones and neurological points are stimulated on the face using only the finger-tips which stimulate impulses through the central nervous system and meridians to the physical body and the major organs.

This treatment combines looking good with feeling good. The nerves, muscles and tissues of the face are intensely stimulated, and the micro-circulation of the face improved so creating a softer, glowing complexion. Facial reflexology aims to addresses physical, hormonal and emotional imbalances, as well as having a positive influence on the overall wellbeing.

Please note an additional 15 minutes is required for the first Facial Reflexology treatment for consultation.

Facial Reflexology with Facial Muscle Stimulation (75 Mins)

A facial reflexology treatment created to suit you combining 20 minutes of intense facial muscle stimulation to enhance skin appearance and tone.

Japanese Cosmo Facial Lift (60 Mins)

An intensely luxurious natural, non-surgical, face-lifting treatment which works on the muscle tone and underlying tissues to help fight the effects of ageing. Not only does it help to lift and rejuvenate the face but 24 neuro-points are stimulated which can trigger the release of endorphins and serotonin. Benefits included improvements to blood circulation, elimination of toxins, oxygenation of tissues and stimulation and production of collagen and elastin. The techniques used can help to reduce puffiness and fine lines and bring contour and radiance to the face.

During the treatment a combination of white clay face mask, 100% pure rose mosqueta oil, a rosehip ash mask and natural salt balls are used- -to achieve optimum results. The treatment itself involves the use of deep but gentle massage movements over the skin and neuro-muscular points. Key elements of facial reflexology are incorporated into the treatment so there are also added health benefits, helping to bring about balance within the body.

A Japanese Cosmo Face Lift treatment is ideal for special occasions, when you really want to look your best. The effects of the treatment can last from 24 hours to 3 days. A course of Japanese Cosmo Lifting treatments is advised for longer lasting effects, with each treatment boosting the muscle tone.

Face and Foot Reflexology Luxury Combination (90 Mins)

A facial reflexology treatment created to suit you combining 20 minutes of intense facial muscle stimulation to enhance skin appearance and tone.